Mobile FAQs

Mobile FAQs

Below you will find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about The Embarque Mobile Application. The order that the questions appear is determined by the frequency of the question asked. If you do not see the answer to you particular question in the first 5-10 entries, then you should use the search function at the top of this page to locate your specific question. If you are still unable to locate an answer to your question after searching, please access the directory tab and contact the appropriate Embarque department.


Q: Does the App work in iOS 8?
A: Yes.  The App does work in iOS 8.  There are some outstanding issues related to payment and booking as-directed trips that will be fixed with the next release of the APP that users on iOS 8 will need to work around for the near term.



Q: When will you launch an App that is compatible with iOS 8?
A: We expect to have the next release of the mobile app available for download before 10-15-14.  We will send an e-mail to all iOS users at this time informing them of the release.



Q: Why does the App keep crashing when I try to select a saved credit card in iOS 8?
A: Due to the ongoing issues with iOS 8, the App now crashes when users in iOS 8 try to use a saved form of payment to make a new reservation.  Until we can publish a new version of the App, we have made a change to the system that will allow customers to make reservations as usual, by entering a credit card for the new reservation.


To reiterate, this problem only exists for those running the App on iOS 8, and will be fixed with the next release of the App.



Q: What do I do when the App crash when I add or delete stops to an as-directed reservation, then try to reorder them?
A: Until the next release of the mobile app, iOS 8 users will have to book as-directed reservations without changing the order of the stops or deleting them once entered to avoid crashing.  If problems persist, please call 866-444-2144 to book the reservation via our customer engagement center.



Q: Where do I get the App?
A: The Embarque Mobile Application is available for iOS in the App Store and Android in Google Play.



Q: Where does the application work?
A: The Embarque Mobile App works as a booking application anywhere the user can connect to the internet.  The support functionality, notifications, vehicle location GPS, and advance driver information is limited to all North American locations only.



Q: What If I don’t have an iphone or Android device, can I still use the App?
A: The Embarque Mobile Application was designed to work best on the iOS 7.0 and the Android 3.0 operating systems.  Later versions of iOS and Android will also run the application.  Any device using a different operating system will not run the application.  Any device using an older version of iOS or Android may not run the application properly.  Customers wanting a mobile experience that are currently excluded from running the mobile application, may visit, and use the mobile version of our website.



Q: What services can I book with the Embarque App?
A: Embarque App users can book all standard Embarque services via the mobile application.  Including transfers, and as-directed services. Customers may also use the many support features of the application that include GPS vehicle tracking, advance driver information, and numerous trip status notifications.



Q: How does the “remember me” function work?
A: When the user has logged into the app with the remember me toggle turned on, exits the app, and then clicks on the app icon again within 60 minutes, the same screen will open from the same screen where the user clicked on the home button to exit the app.


When the user has logged into the app with the remember me toggle turned on, exits the app, and then clicks on the app icon again after 60 minutes then the login details are pre-populated with the password field masked with asterisk and user could login by simply swiping the login button.


If the user purposely logs out of the app then he/she would be required to enter the login details again and the login credentials will not be saved.



Q: How do I locate my Embarque Driver?
A: The locate driver button will not display if there is signal problem with either the user’s location or that of the driver.


When the “locate chauffeur” button is displayed, it does so 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.


Upon visiting the home screen, a check is done to determine whether there are any reservations for which the locate chauffeur button should display.  Otherwise the home screen is refreshed every two minutes.


If the user taps on the locate chauffeur button after the trip has ended (and the button has not yet been removed), the home page refreshes to remove the button.



Q: How do I track my vehicle on “locate driver” map screen?
A: The locate driver map does not automatically refresh. The user must tap the refresh icon to view an updated location for the chauffeur.


If the page does not refresh or the vehicle is not tracking, the user should call Embarque’s Customer Engagement Center, 866-444-2144




Building a collection of trip cards allows the user to streamline the booking process by creating a saved bank of pick-up and drop-off locations to quickly populate reservation fields.



Q: How do I use “trip cards”?
A: In Android, tap the front of the trip card to turn it over. In iOS, swipe the front of the trip card to turn it over. The arrow icon in the upper right corner also turns over the trip card.

Upcoming reservations are sorted by date and time with earliest first. Completed reservations are sorted by date and time with most recent first.